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Why did Comgen decide to offer conversion services?

We had worked on countless IT projects where the biggest challenge was dealing with serious incompatibilities between the old systems that we were replacing and the tools we were using to develop the new replacement systems. We soon realised that just about everyone else was experiencing this same problem and that because we had become adept at addressing it, we were in a position to offer a service for which there was a strong demand.

Founded in 1988, Experience is Our Forte

At Commercial & General Systems, we believe wholeheartedly in allowing you to live your best life possible, without having to worry about the unnecessary burdens that technology may present. Established in 1988 and with over 30 years of experience working with digital problem solving, offering you the solutions that you need to optimise your business performance is what we deliver. Time and time again. 

We Know All There Is To Know About Blockchain

Building up databases from thousands  of specialists and solutions, Commercial & General Systems has founded itself on a deep knowledge of the technological world and what it requires to function at its absolute best. We recognise what Blockchain has to offer and we allow you to take full advantage of such technology by seamlessly and effectively integrating it into your business model. 


Plus, we’ve worked with leading organisations from around the world. From Motorola to Coca Cola Schweppes Beverages and Glaxo to IBM, it’s safe to say that at Commercial & General Systems, you’re in great company.


Our long and varied client list has enabled us to solve any problem, regardless of its size, nature or technicalities. That’s why at Commercial & General Systems, we believe no problem is too big or small. Whether you’re looking to embrace the world of blockchain technology for all the benefits it has to offer or you’d simply like to know more about the process we implement when it comes to converting your existing app into a more advanced version, we can offer you the solution that you’re looking for.



Click on the link below and contact us to set up a free consultation with the experts. You will receive expert advice and with no obligation to work with us afterwards. 

As Forbes notes, “Due to its decentralized nature, Blockchain removes the need for middlemen in many processes for fields such as payments and real estate. In comparison to traditional financial services, blockchain facilitates faster transactions by allowing P2P cross-border transfers with a digital currency” (2019). 

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